What is the Move for Thought learning community?

The Move for Thought virtual learning community was developed for educators interested in integrating physical activity (PA) with the academic subjects in the classroom or in the gym.

The Move for Thought learning community is a FREE network, developed by professors in Education and Kinesiology at Iowa State University

The goal of the Move for Thought network is to give the potential to educators to communicate, share ideas, materials and explore how they can integrate PA with the academic subjects at school. Here you can find videos that demonstrate how to use PA in the classroom, plus several more material and ideas. You will be able to interact with other educators that share the same interests in integrating PA with the academic subjects.

The Move for Thought network is a non-profit platform. The developers, myself and Dr. Hutchison, are educators and researchers interested in generating knowledge and exploring innovative ways that will benefit teachers' professional development. You can become a member or stop being a member at any time.

From a personal standpoint, my motivation is to help students benefit from PA. I feel successful when I find ways to connect with the teachers, and as a team, work together towards a shared mission. This is what the Move for Thought learning community is about! With your help, we can make it a success. With your support and participation in the research component related to the network, we can figure out what works and what doesn't, and share that knowledge with the broader research community. Researchers need to know how to connect and collaborate with teachers for that shared mission. Thus, I count on each of you in order to make it happen!

Thank you for your interest in (the potential of) becoming a member of the Move for Thought learning community for educators!

Spyridoula Vazou